Great Mobile Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

The mobile market is hot these days. Studies show that an effective mobile marketing campaign can boost profits and visibility for almost any business. If you are a small business owner you may have considered dipping your toe into mobile marketing. However, this can be a confusing choice. When technology is involved most people get a little anxious. How will know if you are spending your money in the most effective way possible? It’s important when spending advertising dollars to see a profitable return on that investment. Don’t worry, there are mobile marketing campaigns that will work well for you.

– Engage Potential Customers on a Local Scale. The simplest option is to work with a reputable mobile advertiser. They can help create targeted mobile marketing campaigns. In other words, their goal is to reach out to a demographic that matches well with your business. This includes delivering your advertising to a specific audience in your area. If you own a local flower shop in Tacoma, you don’t want to reach out to customers in New York. Engaging potential clients on a local scale is one of the best mobile marketing campaigns around.

– Polls and contests. Mobile marketing is really about immediacy and interaction. Creating a fun poll or contest can work to create engagement. It also allows you to build a database of potential customers for future advertising efforts. Research shows people are more likely to respond to a poll that has a simple “yes” or “no” answer. For example: A pizzeria may create a poll that asks this simple question. “Do you like anchovies on your pizza?” This is can be a fun engaging topic, that doesn’t require too much thinking from the audience. They only have to answer “yes” or “no”.

– Podcasts are one of the most engaging mobile marketing campaigns. Producing a fun but informative podcast can be a great way to build trust. For example, an owner of a lawn care company may produce a weekly podcast that features long care tips. This establishes that company as a local expert on the subject. If your small business relies on repeat customers for its livelihood consider podcasting.  Remember to keep your podcasts short, interesting, and fun. Just one or two tips per episode are enough.

– Mobile Apps can be one of the more intimidating mobile marketing campaigns. When it comes to computer programming code, most people’s eyes glaze over. Don’t worry there are lots of affordable development options open. You might ask a local university or trade school student to develop a simple app for you. You can even perform a search online for “app developers”.  Make sure the App carries your branding and is appropriate for your business. A local hardware store could offer a “gardening app” full of helpful plant care tips. Or a local cleaning service could have a “To Do List” App created for busy customers. The goal is to establish your business’s brand as a helpful expert!